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Luna County Court House, Deming, New Mexico 

The sleepy kitty to the right is Skippy, our special Manx. Skippy passed away in 2017 and this  drawing is a memorial to her.


Here's the same view in fine line pen & ink. Took a steady hand then, still does!

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     Here is an example of an architectural rendering using a photograph as my model. The early 1900's structural is the Luna County court house located in Deming, New Mexico. Luna county borders Mexico to the south.

     Over the years I have done 1,000's of renderings of transportation related images as well as conceptual drawings of residential developments, shopping centers, airports and commercial office buildings. Call me on your next rendering assignment and I will provide an exact quote.   575-525-8298 ~ jackscarart@gmail.com  

       I've been photographing cars and pets as part of my normal business but, once in a while I'll go out and shoot digital pictures of our local mountains. This shot is one of my most viewed images. It's of a sunrise behind the Organ Mountains, a few miles east of my home here in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Customers buy prints of my art simply by clicking on the images and following the prompts.


      I've been drawing & painting portraits of cars since I was a kid in Indiana.​ If you'll send me the best photograph of your car I'll use it as my model for either doing a fine-line pen & ink drawing or a full color watercolor portrait. At that time I'll provide an exact quote and delivery date. Prices for an 11" x 14 watercolor start at $ 175.00 

      Next to doing automotive art I love doing pen & ink drawings of pets. The cute little girl shown here is Graice, the 14 year old that owns me. I did this portrait using Pigma Micron ink pens with a warm grey wash. I first took a digital picture of her then enlarged it using Photoshop 8 and used that as my model. Priced from $ 100.00 Call me and I'll give you an exact quote.  575-525-8298   jackscarart@gmail.com

An ink & watercolor painting of a 1918 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost using a photo as my model.

     The car to the right is a 1938

Rolls-Royce Sedanca DeVille done in pen & ink. Prices for pen & ink start at $ 100.00


The Organ Mountains of southern New Mexico



              Port Orchard, Washington.

    This is one of my favorite paintings. I did it from a photograph taken from the main dock of the Port Orchard Marina. The photo was taken in the daytime so, I had to call upon my imagination to visualize what it would look like at night.

​If you would like to pry this painting from my still very active hands you'll have to come up with  15,000.00 US.

Or, you can buy a print on canvas, wood, metal, acrylic or museum grade paper framed or, shipped rolled in a tube for about 2 % of my asking price!