Here is a high resolution photograph of Jack's 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado that he used as the model for the 11" x 17" watercolor painting (middle). Once the painting was completed Jack produced a print run of a few hundred of his unique "Cruz'n Cards". Notice the car club logo and other contact information on the card. The actual size is 2" x 3.5"

................Ask Jack about his "free" Cruz'n Card option when ordering an original portrait of your car........................ 

The new portrait of your car or, cars are created using your best photos as my models. We can insert a different background of your favorite location, just provide a separate photo(s). We can take your photo(s) and enhance them by knocking out the old background and adding a new one.

Here's an example of how we knock out the background on a photo taken with a lot of clutter and convert the picture of the 1934 Ford Pick Up to a prettier background shot. We can do this from your photo e-mailed to: The costs average about $ 100.00 for the knock-outs.

Original artwork of your classic car, show car, custom hot-rod, street-rod, vintage car, motorcycle, your favorite ride!

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