Imagine a full color portrait of the airplane your grandfather flew in World War II  11" xs 14" in watercolor starting at $ 175.00

Drawing or painting an original of an airplane is a lot like doing a car or a yacht. The example of the yellow Ferrari 512m with the 1935 Waco Bi-Plane if ordered as a 16" x 20" watercolor would start at $ 1,000.00. The Cessna 180 shown below, far left would be about the same; $ 1,000.00. Done by itself, no background, 11" x 14" is $ 175.00. The art with the Cessna & the Husky would run $ 1,250.00. Every assignment will be given an exact quote before starting and a proof will be e-mailed before shipping.

Artwork of Aircraft, Jet planes, Private planes, Vintage aircraft and ART FOR WHAT MOVES YOU.