Just The Two Of Us                           Acoma Sky City Pueblo                     Ruby Beach, N W Washington Coast              Water Wheel New Mexico

         The Captains Gig                   Steamer Virginia V Rounding Alki Point, Seattle             Monterey  Pelican               Apache Summit, Hwy 70, N  M

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Creating depth and perspective using tiny dots and thin/thick lines of ink is my goal with every pen & ink assignment

Haul Out at Suldans Ship Works      Alderbrook Water Wheel, Hood Canal, WA       Gas Works Park, Seattle, WA                    Gig Harbor Lighthouse

Organ Mountain Winter Wilderness         Union Pacific Mile Long Train Unit          1931 Baldwin Leaving Las Cruces         Shiprock Mountain, 4 Corners

Driftwood Black Cat                                     Interlocking Love                                Ladder into History                                Josephina's Gate

        Silver City, New Mexico                         Lake Roberts General Store                    Hillsboro, New Mexico                      Santuario de Chimayo, N M

Rainbow Bridge, La Connor, WA             Fishermen's Net Shed, Gig Harbor         Chuck Wagon Cattle Drive Meal               Frisco Class 4-6-4 Locomotive