Jack Pumphrey Arts................PLUS!

        I met Al, a gentleman-rancher

who  lives  near  Mountainair,  New

Mexico, while on my way to a photo

shoot.  He was  standing beside his 

old beater pick-up truck   (what did  

you expect, It's New Mexico! ) I had 

stopped  to see if  help was needed   

and he said  "Naw, I'm O K,  just out 

enjoying a little  break"  He  was  so

interesting and had the look of  too

much wind-blown  grit on his tough

old leathery face. 


Artwork of your favorite personality, wife, husband, girl friend, boy friend AND ART FOR WHAT MOVES YOU!

Carroll Shelby                                  Gerry Garcia                                Audrey Hepburn


                     Private Commission                           Sofia Loren                            Sir Stirling Moss


The pen & ink technique I use is a form of "Pointillism" where I create form, shape & perspective by using tiny dots of ink; some close together, others far apart. When the little dots are tightly together a solid is black is created, further apart and grays begin to appear. I take pointillism a little further by using extreme fine lines the same way I use the dots.  An original black & white pen & ink portrait starts at $ 125.00 for an 11" x 14" on 80 lb. vellum, ready to frame.