Artwork of your favorite personality, wife, husband, girl friend, boy friend AND ART FOR WHAT MOVES YOU!

        I met Al, a gentleman-rancher

who  lives  near  Mountainair,  New

Mexico, while on my way to a photo

shoot.  He was  standing beside his 

old beater pick-up truck   (what did  

you expect, It's New Mexico! ) I had 

stopped  to see if  help was needed   

and he said  "Naw, I'm O K,  just out 

enjoying a little  break"  He  was  so

interesting and had the look of  too

much wind-blown grit on his tough

old leathery face.  We talked for a while and I ask him if he  minded  if I took a picture of him.  "Hell, no, man!  Hope yer camera's strong enough" "And, you promise to send me a copy?"  "Sure will, Al.  I'll do better' than that,  I'll send you the  drawing  I'm going  to make from the photo"   Here's a copy of that  drawing I did of Al.  What a nice guy, a true gentleman and a genuine Cowboy!

The pen & ink technique I use is a form of "Pointillism" where I create form, shape & perspective by using tiny dots of ink; some close together, others far apart. When the little dots are tightly together a solid is black is created, further apart and grays begin to appear. I take pointillism a little further by using extreme fine lines the same way I use the dots.  An original black & white pen & ink portrait starts at $ 125.00 for an 11" x 14" on 80 lb. vellum, ready to frame.